David Leroy Anderson is a native Angeleno, born in Venice, California. A graduate of Santa Monica High School, David entered the Special FX Make-Up field after receiving his AA degree from Santa Monica College. Today, David owns AFX Studio – a full-service Make-Up FX lab in Panorama City, California. He began his career working for his father at Lance Anderson Make-Up Designs (LAMUD) and had his first opportunity to work on set as the MUFX Department Head on Wes Craven’s Serpent and The Rainbow. David gained further experience working as a sculptor and mold maker in the leading makeup labs of the 80’s (The Stan Winston Studio, Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., The Creature Shop and LAMUD) until the day he took on projects of his own in partnership with his father. You can see their work in Shocker, Pet Semetary, Hot Shots, Hot Shots Part Deux, Backdraft, Death Becomes Her, The Crow, Krippendorf’s Tribe, Jane Austen’s MAFIA!, Dragonfly, Dogtown, Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty and dozens of commercials. When not working in his shop, David worked on set on features including Batman, Waterworld, Tropic Thunder, Life, and SPAWN.

In 1996, David was tapped by Rick Baker to apply all the iconic KLUMP family make-ups on Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor. That tour de force of Special FX makeup, all designed and manufactured by Rick Baker at Cinovation and applied by David on set, went on to win the Academy Award for Best Makeup in 1996. A year later, Rick Baker picked David once again to apply the Edgar makeup in Men in Black for which David won his second Academy Award. AFX has managed large contracts in Canada, including the design and fabrication of all zombieFX in Zack Snyder’s 2003 remake of Dawn of the Dead as well as all the boxer looks in Ron Howard’s Cinderella Man, including the Jim Braddock look-a- like makeup for Russell Crowe for which David and his father, Lance, received an Academy Award nomination. In two of his most challenging and rewarding jobs to date, David designed a universe of makeup FX and dozens of creatures for Drew Goddard and Josh Whedon’s acclaimed 2009 Cabin in the Woods. In 2012, David joined JJ Abrams’ team to bring Dr. Spock, Niburans, Aliens, and Klingons to Star Trek Into Darkness.

AFX Studio continues to provide special makeup FX for feature films such as American Sniper, Dunkirk, and the upcoming Jennifer Lawrence spy thriller; Red Sparrow. For the past four years, David has mastered the fast paced world of TV MUFX with the creation of the iconic “Red Devil” for Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens as well as the dozens of horror gags throughout the show’s premiere season. David went on to create “Green Meanie” for Scream Queens: Season 2 while at the same time taking on the last four seasons of American Horror Story. AHS: FREAK SHOW garnered David his first Emmy Award win while AHS: HOTEL and AHS: ROANOKE have each fetched Emmy nominations for inventing and immortalizing characters like “Twisty-The Clown,” “The Addiction Demon” and “Piggy Man.”