Having recently moved to Hollywood to pursue his acting career, Josh has already won five critically acclaimed international film awards for his role of Kane in the short film Papercut which is currently playing on the film festival circuit around the world.

Graduating from the New York Film Academy on the Australian Gold Coast in 2014, Josh was talented enough to land a supporting role in the recently released 2018 Australian feature film, Thicker Than Water.

Following the completion of his diploma, Josh became busy with lead roles in several short films, various speaking roles in TV commercials and working two regular jobs.

Josh has also taken part in interactive, character performances as a Jedi Master and Spider-Man for Marvel meet and greets at the Gallery of Modern Art, and South Brisbane’s “Creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

He also landed a small role in Channel 7’s mini-series Hoges, and  was a featured guest on Travel Channel’s Xtreme Waterparks. 

Josh and his family have a You Tube series called The Kiesers which is a digital journey of their life as a family which includes his five younger brothers and sister as they all travel around the globe. He also loves to sing, dance and play the guitar as well.

“All my life, I’ve had an immense passion for entertaining” Josh admits.  “I get to act, tell stories, take people on journeys and it’s something that I really love.”